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Komodo und  Flores


The island of Flores belongs to Nusa Tenggara, which includes all the islands southeast of Bali. The islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, Sumba, Timor and the islands of the Solor-and Alor Archipels are also part of Nusa Tenggara. Together with the islands of Komodo, Sumba and West-Timor, the island of Flores belongs to the Indonesian province Nusa Tenggara Timur. With an area of 15 000km² - (360km long and between 12 and 60km wide) -Flores is the second largest island of Nusa Tenggaras and as far as scenery of Flores is concerned, the most beautiful and versatile. Due to Portuguese Missionaries, about 91% of the population is Christian who came to the island in the 16th century. Contrary to the rest of Indonesia, the population is mainly Roman Catholic. Along the coast you can find flatland with light rain forests and grass. By contrast  you will find mountainous areas in the centre of the island with volcanoes up to 2383m. With a height of 1639m Gunung Kelimutu is the most famous volcano.The lakes in the middle of the Gunung Kelimutu crater shimmer in green, turquoise and black-red colours.

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park includes the islands KOMODO, RINCA und PADAR and some smaller islands. The park covers about 603 km², the whole area amounts up to1817km². Founded in 1980, the original idea was the protection of the Komodo dragons. In the meantime the main object is the preservation of the fauna and flora, with a focus on marine conservation.There are four settlements in the National Park with about 4000 residents. The Komodo National Park has been proclaimed “World Heritage” which emphasises the value of this unique park where you have the opportunity to watch the Komodo dragons in their natural surroundings. You could book a day-trip to the harbour of Labuhan Bajo and, in addition, book a dive within the area of  Komodo National Park.Furthermore you would have the chance of watching wild horses, wild boars, buffalos and monkeys in their natural habitats on the island of Rinca. “Komodo Dragon-Watching” means additional money for the support of the Komodo dragons. All the money received from entrance fees, guide fees plus the permission to take a camera with you, is used for the maintenance of the National Park and its animals. Remember - Komodo National Park is the only place in the world where you can watch the animals in their natural surroundings!