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Dive Safaris


The latest Safari dates can be found under  News.
We offer more days SAFARI in the famous Komodo National Park. With our Safari we visit North or South Komodo this depends on the season and the weather forecast.
Possible 2D/1N or 3D/2N, and so on up to 5D/4N.
Safari to the North: (March) April – October (November)
Safari to the South: (September) October – May (Juni)

Famous dive sites in the South

South Rinca: Nusa Kode, Cannibal Rock, Yellow Wall and many more.
North Komodo: Manta Alley, German Flag and many more.
South Padar: Pilarsteen, Three sisters and many more.
Our Safari boat “Bajo dive I” is perfect for our small Dive trips in the fantastic Komodo National Park.
Our boat is equipped with 3 cabins comfortable for 6 guests, one fresh water shower, one Toilet, one dinning room and a relaxing area in front with an outdoor dinning table.

The beautiful view of Komodo or romantic sunset you can enjoy in the front boat or on the sun deck.
Sleeping in beautiful cabins with a fan and 2 window for air circulation or sleeping on deck if you like. In the cabins you have 220 Volt.
The front deck and the dinning room have enough space to relax during the whole trip. Our crew is happy to give you a holiday feeling and our professional Divemaster/Instructors are looking foreward to show you the beauty of our underwater world.

One Divemaster or one Instructor will join the Safari , during the trip we do 3 dives a day or optional a night dive. In our program we include one trekking tour on Rinca to see the Komodo dragons in nature that can be done in the early morning or in the afternoon.
Equipment is included and towels for diving and towls for the shower, also 3 meals per day, snacks (cookies, fruits). Not included are alkoholic drinks like bier, softdrinks and the tip for the crew ! You can choose and arrange with the dive guide diving or just enjoy.

An example for a 3 days/ 2 nights Safari into the North of Komodo:

Day 1:
Start from Labuanbajo in the morning around 9:00
1. Dive in Sebayur Kecil (easy check dive)
2. Dive Crystle Rock
3. Dive Cauldron
4. Dive – night dive in Gili Lawa Laut / over night
Day 2:
1.Dive – early morning dive in Castle Rock
2.Dive Batu Bolong
3.Dive Karang Makassar/Manta point Dive – Nachttauchgang close to Rinca / over night
Dive 3:
morning trekking in Rinca
1.Dive Pulau Pengah
2.Dive Tatawa Besar
Getting back to Labuanbajo around 17:00
The planning of the dive sites is according to the season, the weather, the currents and your prefers.

Current SAFARI- Komodo National Park
If you are interested in our Safaris, please contact us.